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The main goal of KLIMAK company is to provide a comfortable environment in buildings, which has become a standard requirement in the design, construction, and operation of modern buildings.

Since 1993, KLIMAK has been providing solutions for air conditioning, ventilation, cooling, and heating that are comfortable, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly. In everything we do, we emphasize the symbiosis of teams and strive for maximum quality in our work and outputs. By combining modern technologies, reliable services, and the expertise of our employees, we have contributed to creating a comfortable environment in hundreds of significant buildings throughout Slovakia.

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The KLIMAK brand was founded in 1993, and since its inception, the company has been continuously growing in terms of expertise and personnel. Our team currently consists of 300 skilled individuals, predominantly in managerial, technical, and engineering positions. In addition, we regularly expand our team with external assembly workers, numbering over 300, depending on the scope of projects.

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We are writing a successful history
Own employees within the KLIMAK group + 300 assembly workers
Million Euros annual turnover of the KLIMAK group

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