Become part of a team that creates a comfortable environment for a better life.

We specialize in air conditioning, cooling, central heating, and measurement and control systems. Klimak was founded as a family business in 1993, and since the beginning, we have been constantly growing in terms of expertise and personnel. Our team currently consists of 300 skilled individuals, mainly in managerial, technical, and engineering positions. We regularly expand this team with external installers, depending on the scope of the projects, with over 200 installers involved.

Skilled and experienced people are the foundation of our success. We believe that a functioning team, where people understand each other, respect one another, and perform their work responsibly, can create a good environment. A good environment contributes to the prosperity of the group, its customers, and the hundreds of facilities where we have created a comfortable climate for a better quality of life.

Our Employees

My role in KLIMAK is to create a good environment by taking care of the facilities together with a great team. In a supportive and collaborative collective, where we grow together, work becomes a part of life.
I also really enjoy the extracurricular activities, where as part of the benefits, we visit wellness centers, gyms, participate in teambuilding events, and attend parties with a great team.

Working at KLIMAK is very diverse and interesting, and each project is unique and exceptional in its own way. I highly value the opportunity to work in this company where we build quality and friendly relationships among colleagues, departments, and branches on a daily basis.
If you’re hesitant about sending your resume, remember that even I didn’t know what I was getting into at the beginning, and now I would gladly do it all over again.

I joined the company as a university graduate. I remember my beginnings and especially the help of my colleagues who were very patient and supportive. It greatly helped me overcome the initial period.
For me personally, working for KLIMAK is valuable because I can see the impact of my work that remains even after a year, two years, five years, and hopefully even after fifty.

I have been working in the good team at KLIMAK for 7 years now. I remember my beginnings when I started as a university graduate, and my colleagues accepted me beyond my expectations. They willingly helped me with the entire hiring process, and I could always rely on them. That’s why I recommend everyone to send their CV and experience it firsthand.

I feel great at KLIMAK. My everyday work is made enjoyable by the fantastic colleagues who make me feel like part of a quality team. Having a good team of people around me is crucial, and I wouldn’t hesitate to send my resume to this company again today.


Financial benefits

  • Having more money in the family budget pleases everyone, which is why we offer a 13th salary.
  • Our colleagues in the field benefit from a quarterly bonus system.
  • As a manager in the project team, you will receive a project-based bonus system of rewards.
  • Additionally, you can earn up to €200 for referring a new team member after their probationary period.


  • You can broaden your horizons and knowledge by attending our own conference, TECHFORUM.
  • Expand your skills through soft skills courses.
  • You will have the opportunity to enhance your professional qualifications through training sessions throughout the year, with over 70 organized by us.

Non-financial and individual benefits.

  • We care about your health and well-being, which is why you have access to a fitness center and wellness facilities at Hotel Mikado with a membership card.
  • We ensure quality relaxation for you through recreational vouchers at resorts in Slovakia.
  • Experience a festival of benefits with contributions towards sports, cultural, and educational activities.
  • Santa Claus is not just for children anymore, as our lovely Santa Claus packages will delight everyone.
  • If you need to work from home, you can arrange for home office based on the nature of your work and in agreement with your supervisor.
  • After mutual agreement, you can also use a company car for private purposes.
  • Do you have a desire to progress? With us, you can advance your career and knowledge within departments and throughout the entire group.
  • If Nitra doesn't suit you, you can work from Bratislava or Košice as well.
  • We understand that your time is valuable, so we provide maximum time flexibility.
  • During a demanding day, you can relax in the leisure area with a modern kitchenette.

Teambuilding Activities

  • Enjoy a company ski trip every year.
  • Experience a great day with your colleagues and family at Happy Family Day.
  • Once a year, we gather for our biggest event, the Golf Cup, held on the green.
  • We celebrate the most beautiful holidays of the year with a shared Christmas party.
  • Every now and then, we enjoy goulash or cabbage soup together with colleagues.
  • Travel the world and recharge your energy with optional trips abroad.
  • Celebrate your anniversary in style with your colleagues. We provide the venue free of charge.
  • After demanding projects, you can relax with dinner, bowling, or other activities.
  • Thanks to our excellent relationships with suppliers, you can participate in factory tours, skiing trips, and other activities.


4 Reasons Why Choose Us
We think two steps ahead

Thanks to our comprehensive understanding of client needs, commitment to long-term quality, and excellent teamwork, we have a competitive edge over our competitors.

4 Reasons Why Choose Us
We play with technology

Our playfulness, creativity, and years of acquired skills allow us to maximize the potential of technologies and provide long-term reliable solutions.

4 Reasons Why Choose Us
Only team players win

Our most valuable asset is the people in our team, whose expertise and experience elevate the standard of solutions provided at the company and across the group.

4 Reasons Why Choose Us
Together we play it safe

Only a well-coordinated team that trusts and relies on each other can maintain long-term stability.


Do you want a good job?

If you're determined to work in a good team, take a look at the available positions or contact me. I'd be happy to meet with you.
Andrea Hrebíková
HR Manager