Exceeding a turnover of 60 million euros

In 2022, the KLIMAK Group managed to overcome the turnover threshold of 60 million euro, which was significantly contributed by the increase in turnover in our production company TECHNOV.

Opening of the fourth branch of KLIMADODOMU.SK

As part of our retail concept KLIMADODOMU.SK, we managed to open the fourth brick-and-mortar branch in a row, this time in Martin. The goal is to cover the demand for our products in central and northern Slovakia.


Exceeding a turnover of 50 million euros

For the first time in history, the KLIMAK Group exceeded a turnover of 50 million euros in 2021. We also experienced a significant increase in turnover in our service division, surpassing 4 million euros.

Expansion of project activities in KLIMEO

In our Czech branch KLIMEO, we have secured several interesting projects since the beginning of 2021. One notable project is the modern residential complex Barrandez-Vous in Prague, where we provide complete HVAC, cooling, heating, and plumbing services. In Brandýs nad Labem, we have started the construction of the H6b hall in the Continental group.

Acquisition of a significant contract EUROVEA 2

We are proud to have secured one of the largest contracts for our company - the EUROVEA 2 complex - at the end of 2020. In April, we began work on this project, where we will gradually provide complete HVAC, heating, and cooling solutions for six buildings. These buildings are divided into three categories: shopping center, residential buildings, and administrative buildings. The highlight of the project will be the Eurovea Tower, the first Slovak skyscraper reaching a height of 168 meters, offering 389 residences across 45 floors.


Managing the COVID-19 pandemic

During the challenging times of the pandemic, we implemented all necessary measures, provided our employees with conditions for remote work, and continued to pursue new contracts. Despite spending the spring at home, we managed to secure several interesting projects. Upon returning to normal work routines, we can proudly say that we successfully overcome all challenges through teamwork, determination, and hard work.

Hospital of the new generation

The planned Hospital of the Future in Bory, Bratislava, is expected to be one of the most advanced hospitals in Slovakia. KLIMAK has been selected as the successful provider of HVAC systems for cleanrooms and other areas of the hospital.Our scope of delivery includes HVAC units, circulation units, laminar ceilings, and cleanroom enclosures, with a total HVAC area exceeding 40,000 square meters.



To showcase our professional work and everyday challenges to existing and potential clients, we have created an interesting video capturing the work of our skilled employees during the extensive reconstruction of the Polus City Center shopping mall, which will fundamentally transform its interior, purpose, and even its name to VIVO!.


We introduced the concept of "Employer branding" to our employees, which comes with a new visual identity, logo, and statements. We believe that a functioning team, where people understand and respect each other and perform their work responsibly, has all the prerequisites for creating a good environment. The skilled and experienced individuals in our team are the foundation of our success, enabling us to create a quality climate in hundreds of facilities for a better life. A huge thanks goes to everyone who contributes to this great team!

KLIMAK team expands to Prague as KLIMEO

The long-standing demand for our quality services in the Czech Republic has led to the opening of a new KLIMAK branch named KLIMEO systems s.r.o., located in Prague, Holešovice. The goal of this newly established branch is to provide efficient, operationally efficient, and comprehensive solutions using modern technologies in the fields of HVAC, air conditioning, central heating, measurement, and regulation.

TECHNOV's new production plant wins the CONSTRUCTION OF THE YEAR award

The prestigious national award "CONSTRUCTION OF THE YEAR 2018" is going "home" this time! Our new production plant, TECHNOV, located in the village of Rumanová, underwent a thorough evaluation by an expert jury in the field of architecture and construction based on technical documentation and site inspections. It was subsequently honored with an award for outstanding construction quality. We are honored to receive this recognition for TECHNOV.

5th successful TECHFORUM conference and 20th AQUATHERM

The prestigious national award "CONSTRUCTION OF THE YEAR 2018" is going "home" this time! Our new production plant, TECHNOV, located in the village of Rumanová, underwent a thorough evaluation by an expert jury in the field of architecture and construction based on technical documentation and site inspections. It was subsequently honored with an award for outstanding construction quality. We are honored to receive this recognition for TECHNOV.



TECHNOV, our partner company, presented the newly built facility of a modern production plant and administrative section to the general public, along with a monumental sculpture named "Dotyk" (Touch). KLIMAK provided the HVAC technology used, and the administrative building features underfloor recovery units from the Carrier brand. The production hall and paint shop have ventilation and heating integrated using warm air gas units, while the paint shop's exhaust system is designed with a unique system. The plant will be fully operational from next year.


The Association of Slovak Scientific and Technical Societies (ZSVTS), which brings together about 15,000 engineers and technicians from 45 professional societies in Slovakia, has decided to award KLIMAK with a plaque on the occasion of its 25th anniversary. The ZSVTS plaque is a recognition of KLIMAK's activities, which, in addition to project, construction, production, and implementation activities, significantly contribute to research and innovation in the field of air conditioning technology.


The ranking of successful building services engineering (BSE) providers compiled by Jaga Group, s.r.o., awards KLIMAK the 1st place, making it the largest and most comprehensive BSE company in Slovakia. We handle the design, distribution, production, installation, and service of HVAC, cooling, and heating systems for your needs.


KLIMAK has contributed to two significant projects that have been recognized in the category of high-quality execution (EPERIA, Prešov) and for the application of science and technology in implementation (UNIQ Staromestská, Bratislava). In the modern shopping center EPERIA Shopping Mall, Prešov, KLIMAK was responsible for providing ventilation for common areas, cooling through a water system, and heating.


We have been bringing stability and reliability to our customers for 25 years! What we started, we have also finished, and with a high percentage of completed projects, we continue long-term cooperation through service, which is evidence of customer satisfaction with the execution of the work. For 25 years, we have been building and maintaining a compact team with the right mix of experienced professionals and young, motivated talents. All of us at Klimak provide HVAC supplies and installations for the most interesting and largest projects that the Slovak construction market offers.



The company Jaga Group, s.r.o. compiles a ranking of successful HVAC contractors annually, and we eagerly awaited the results. We are pleased to share with you that once again this year we have defended our position as the leader and secured an amazing 1st place! KLIMAK, s.r.o. has been the largest comprehensive company in the field of HVAC in Slovakia for a long time, providing services such as design, distribution, manufacturing, installation, and servicing of air conditioning, cooling, and heating systems.


The main prize and "Building of the Year 2016" award was given to the new construction project PANORAMA CITY in Bratislava, and our company KLIMAK is the supplier of overall air conditioning, heating, and cooling systems for the PANORAMA CITY project. We are proud to be a "co-author" of this work, as we have contributed significantly to creating a pleasant environment and climate for this monumental building.

Opening of the second branch of KLIMADODOMU.sk

The opening of the second branch and showroom of top brands such as Carrier, Daikin, LG, Samsung, Toshiba, located in Bratislava. The store is situated in the newly opened premises of OC STYLA (next to SHOPPING PALACE, Zlaté Piesky, 1st floor) and offers a wide range of devices suitable for air conditioning and heating of your homes. For more information, visit: www.klimadodomu.sk


Building of the Year 2015 title for the multifunctional complex CITY ARENA

The main prize, the Building of the Year 2015 title, was awarded to the multifunctional complex CITY ARENA in Trnava, for which we provided complete delivery and installation of air conditioning, cooling, and heating systems.

Third place in refrigerant recovery

KLIMAK took third place in refrigerant recovery for the year 2015. The Slovak Association for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology awarded prizes for Comprehensive Service Provision and Refrigerant Recovery. At KLIMAK, we take all the necessary steps to contribute to environmental protection, such as recycling used refrigerants.


ZUCKERMANDEL multifunctional building

The start of the implementation of the second largest project in the company's history, the ZUCKERMANDEL multifunctional building, which includes the ČSOB bank headquarters, administrative, and residential spaces with magnificent views of the Danube. Within this project, KLIMAK is responsible for the complete delivery and installation of HVAC, plumbing, and cooling systems using active cooling beams.

Dominant position in the Slovak market

Confirmation of the dominant position in the market with a new record turnover of €24.4 million. Within the KLIMAK group, together with partners TECHNOV, KLIMA TREND, and CLIMAPORT, we have surpassed the turnover threshold of €35 million. KLIMAK has become the largest comprehensive company in the implementation of HVAC, plumbing, and cooling professions.

New showroom in Košice

Relocation of the branch in Košice to new retail premises with a new showroom at Južná trieda 11, where there is a demonstration of real functional air conditioning units along with professionally trained staff. Equipment demonstrations, along with the staff, are available for those who want advice and learn more about the devices before making a purchase. For further details on opening hours and information, please visit our website www.klimadodomu.sk.


KLIMA TREND, spol. s r.o. has established an e-shop and brand called KLIMA DO DOMU (www.klimadodomu.sk), which deals with the sale and installation of air conditioning, ventilation, and heating for residential solutions. It provides its visitors with a variety of quality products (air conditioners, heat pumps, heat recovery systems) and also offers a great price calculation option through the FAST CALCULATOR.


Historical turnover

Achieving a historical turnover of €24 million, which represents the fulfillment of the set target (€18 million) at 133.33% and an increase in turnover compared to 2013 by 138%. With this turnover, KLIMAK confirms its leadership position in the market and aims to maintain similar turnover levels.

The largest HVAC company

KLIMAK has rightfully become the largest HVAC company in Slovakia. Years of high-quality work in the HVAC, plumbing, and heating sectors have paid off, and our company is emerging at the forefront of the industry. We have hundreds of completed projects to our name and are successfully competing for market position.


Expansion of operations

Expanding the reach of KLIMAK to neighboring markets. The goal of this expansion is to build awareness and acquire projects in the field of air conditioning, central heating, and cooling in the Czech Republic and Austria.

Establishment of CLIMAPORT

Establishing the partner company CLIMAPORT, primarily focused on distributing CARRIER and ALFA LAVAL cooling equipment. The newly established CLIMAPORT has its own team of salespeople, service technicians, and a logistics department, providing customers with professional services. Located on Levická Street in Nitra, the company becomes another strong partner within the KLIMAK group.



KLIMAK maintains a stable number of employees and turnover, even in the face of a general decline in construction production. We emphasize professionalism and loyalty and retain "our team" in its original composition. We anticipate and plan future steps that will lead the company to overall progress.


Implementation of Integrated Management

Implementation of Integrated Quality Management according to STN EN ISO 9001:2009, STN EN ISO 14001:2005, and STN OHSAS 18001:2009. All activities provided by KLIMAK are carried out with a strict focus on customer satisfaction, workplace safety, and environmental protection.

Internal System

Launch of the internal NAVISION system, which covers all company processes - from sales and management of execution and service projects, warehouse management and logistics, accounting, financial management, and process control, to handling complaints and non-conformities and managing human resources. The use of the system increases departmental productivity and the overall efficiency of the company.

Kosice Branch

Establishment of a branch in Kosice operating in the eastern region of Slovakia. With this step, KLIMAK increases its accessibility to customers and contributes to greater work efficiency resulting from the location of the business.


Moving Forward

KLIMAK achieves a turnover of 22 million euros and employs over 80 internal employees in its operations and business activities. It also utilizes the services of more than 200 actively collaborating installers in project implementations.

KLIMAK Golfcup

Establishment of a tradition of organizing a sports and social event called KLIMAK Golf Cup, which takes place at the end of summer. The event celebrates partnership, golf, and endless fun, always with a different theme. The accompanying program offers activities such as band performances, dancers, DJs, participants' table football tournament, wine tasting, and many other attractions. KLIMAK Golf Cup regularly attracts both long-standing and new partners of the company.



Securing the largest contract in the company's history to date. It is a multifunctional project called RIVER PARK with an area of over 100,000 m². The building is located on the Danube riverfront in Bratislava and will provide visitors with a wide range of services, including hotels, administration, and sports facilities.



Establishment of a subsidiary company for the production of HVAC ducting and accessories for air conditioning. TECHNOV provides comprehensive services in the field of air conditioning and ventilation, with a monthly production volume of approximately 40,000 m² of HVAC components of all kinds. Emphasis is placed on technological requirements, allowing KLIMAK to gain operational independence in the delivery of this crucial item in the field of air conditioning. More information about TECHNOV can be found at www.technov.sk.


Increasing Turnover

Achievement of a turnover exceeding 10 million euros (300 million SKK).

Quality Management System

Implementation of the Quality Management System according to STN EN ISO 9001:2001.


Comprehensive HVAC Mechanical Installation Package

Successful initial projects in the field of central heating and measurement and control, enabling the company to provide a comprehensive package of mechanical installations known as HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning).


"Transformation of the KLIMAK brand "

"Transformation of the KLIMAK brand into a Limited Liability Company (s.r.o.) and the establishment of an internal organizational structure within the company."



Establishment of a subsidiary company named KLIMA TREND, providing servicing activities. More information about the service company can be found at: www.klimatrend.sk.


Brand Establishment

Establishment of the brand KLIMAK Ľuboš Laboš (individual). Activities include supply and installation in the field of air conditioning.

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